Halloween Punch Recipes # 2

Halloween Punch Recipes # 2

Halloween Punch Recipe INGREDIENTS :

* Apple juice
* Cranberry juice
* Ginger ale
* New rubber glove
* Red food coloring
* 1 pound Coffee can
* Water

Halloween Punch Recipe INSTRUCTIONS
* To make the hand, fill a new rubber glove with water. Make sure it's the non-allergenic type of glove.
* Tie at the wrist with string and freeze one or two days. You might want to stand it up while it's freezing.
* Unmold.
* Sometimes a finger will fall off when unmolding, this only adds to the goulish effect.
* To make a base for the hand, fill a one-pound coffee can about 1/3 full with water.
* Insert the hand and freeze until firm.

To make the punch:

* Mix equal parts of apple and cranberry juice and ginger ale.
* Refrigerate.
* When the halloween punch is ready to serve, place half the mixture in the punch bowl.
* Insert hand ice mold in the center.
* Fill bowl with remaining punch.
* FOR ADDED EFFECT, PLACE A FEW DROPS OF RED FOOD COLORING ON THE TIPS OF THE FINGERS JUST BEFORE SERVING...and the Halloween Punch recipe is ready to serve...very refreshing !! Enjoy !
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